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1869 – 1871 “The Founding Years”
September 16, 1869 the Hammond Grove Baptist Church was founded on land given by the late Major A Hammond for divine worship and named in his honor. The leader of this church was the late Reverend Henry Morgan and the late Reverend Alex Davis.

Seventeen members held services under a Brush Harbor near the sight of the present church. The members were Tom Thomas, Henry Lambacker, Felix Simpkins, Major Pendleton, Andrew Samuels, Augustus Lambacker, Rosa Shultz, Easter Pendleton, Jency Brooks, Matilda Sawfage, Martha Simpkins, Bettie Samuels, Nancy Green, Sarah Nabritt, Nancy Brooks, Lucy Thomas, and Savannah Thomas.

The first ordained deacons: Daniel Lambacker and Ben Bohler; followed later by Benjamin Lewis, Andrew Schultz, Hampton Wills, Jessie Schultz, Humphrey Key and Giles Carr.

From 1869 to 1974, two ministers served Hammond Grove: Reverend Alex Davis (1869-1871) and Reverend Luke Mathis (1871-1874).

1874 – 1910 “The Building Era”
Rev Luke Mathis erected the first church building.

The church continued under the leadership of Reverend Coga Danforth for a period of thirty years (1874 –1904). The church building was enlarged and additional members were added.

In June 1904, Rev A.D. Lambacker was called and served faithfully for six years (1904 – 1910).

1912 – 1959 “Establishing the Ministry”
Reverend A. W. Vincent was called as pastor and served for 47 years. He organized the first Trustee Board with Herbert Lamar, J. B. Bohler, James E. Garrett, John E. Reese, Freddie Twiggs, Augustus L. Simpkins, James R. Cook, Sr., Joe Bert, Samuel R. Cook, Sr., and Tom Wigfall. The following deacons were ordained under his leadership – Benjamin Lewis, Sam Jones, Bob Green, John Turner, Jeff Bright, Jack Nabritt, Johnnie Mims, John Cook, William H. Butler, Joseph Cook, Jake Cook, Sr., Augustus Simpkins, Jake Cook, Jr., James Garrett, James R. Cook, Sr., and Freddie Twiggs.

Reverend Vincent ordained Reverends C. L. Simpkins, Luther Elam, Larsh Harris, William H. Butler, C. L. Nickerson, and Jordan Bussey. An Usher Board, Senior Choir, Junior Choir, and Mission Circle were also organized. Reverend Vincent passed away January 1959.

1959 – 1966 “Strengthening the Ministry”
The Reverend J. S. Gordon was elected pastor October 1959. During his administration, many souls were added to the church. Gas heat and telephones were installed; and the interior of the building was remodeled. Reverend Gordon was instrumental in organizing the first Vacation Bible School. The following brethren were appointed Trustee – W. E. Bullock, Allen Curry, J. A. Nickerson, Sr., Caesar Jones, Sam Adams, Henry Green, and Earl Samuels. The following brethrens were ordained to the Board of Deacons – Herbert Lamar, Joseph Turner, Jr., John Gardner, Arthur Abraham, Isaac Nix, and Gus Bright.

H. E. Smith, General Manager of the Ways and Means for the Blind, deeded two (2) acres of land to the church in 1962 through the late Chairman of Deacons, Herbert Lamar. Later during the year, Mr. Smith donated the sum of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) to the church. A letter of thanks was sent from the church expressing appreciation for the donation.

Rev Gordon resigned in 1966.

1967 – 1981 “Building the Flock and the Sanctuary”
January 1967, Reverend I. E. Smith was elected pastor. During his administration two were ordained to the ministry – Eugene Abraham and Lewis Abraham. The following brethren were appointed to the Trustee Board: Joseph Cook, J. A. Nickerson, Jr., Robert Curry, Sam Forrest, Jr., and Marion W. Harris. Twelve were ordained to the Board of Deacons: George W. Turner(March 1972), Robert Bert (February 9, 1975), Marion (Mal) Cook (February 9, 1975), Walter E. Bullock (February 9, 1975), Dock Abraham (February 9, 1975), Willie Abraham (February 9, 1975), Picken Madison (March 1972) Johnnie Johnson (February 9, 1975), and Lawrence Johnson. Trustees ordained to the Board of Deacons were Joseph Cook, J. A. Nickerson, Jr (March 1972), Sam Forrest, Jr. (March 1972), and Robert Curry (March 1972).

The sum of $19,000 was borrowed for the renovation of the church and repaid over a five-year period. Remodeling included moving the baptismal pool inside of the building, the addition of bathrooms and new pews. Donations from the Graniteville Company ($500) and Lighting Gallery ($100) were received to advance renovation plans.

The Youth and Gospel Choir were organized and a Deaconess Board was established. Second Sunday service was instituted which contributed to the winning of many new souls.

Reverend I. E. Smith resigned in 1981.

1982 – 1990 “Years of Change: Preparing the Future”
Elected as pastor on July 10, 1982, Reverend J. D. Shaw’s administration re-organized the Youth Choir, erected a steeple on the church, and purchased a new organ. One (1) was ordained to the ministry: James Abraham; three (3) were appointed to the Trustee Board: Ricky Adams, Alex Merriweather, and Otis Jones. Reverend Shaw resigned on August 29, 1986.

January 1987, Reverend Limuer Myers was elected pastor. A church van and a new piano were purchase. Prayer Service, a Bus Ministry, and Bible Study on Wednesday nights were established. Reverend Myers was interested in the Youth of the church and instilled in them the importance of education and church fellowship.

The Youth Choir was reorganized; five were appointed to the Trustee Board – David Morton, Linzie Johnson, David Cook, Lamar Williams, and Lawrence Wigfall; One (1) was licensed to the ministry, Dameon Johnson; One (1) ordained to the Board of Deacon: Danfort Nabritt, Jr.

Reverend Myers resigned September 1990.

1990 - 2007 “Establishing the Vision”
On March 30, 1991, Reverend Bobby G. Hankerson was elected as pastor. He accepted and began pastoring Sunday, May 12, 1991 and was installed Sunday, June 23, 1991.

Hammond Grove Baptist Church became a full-time, Tithing Church with Bible Study, Sunday School, and Praise Service on the last Wednesday of the month under Reverend Hankerson’s administration. The following organizations and positions have been established and contribute to the success of the church – Mass Choir, Sunday School Teacher Training (weekly), Vacation Bible School Training, Youth Ministry, Mission Ministry, New Members Orientation, Wedding Coordinator, Expanded Bus Ministry, Greeter Ministry (formerly know as the Courtesy Guild), Partners for Progress, “We Care Ministry”, Security Ministry, Mentoring Ministry (Linc’s), Prison Ministry, Visual Ministry, Women Ministry. The following inactive ministries were also established under Pastor Hankerson’s tenure: Christian Education, Medical Ministry, Drama Ministry, Dance Ministry and Praise Ministry.

To further advance the spiritual and administrative leadership of the church, the following organizations and positions have been established – Assistant-to-Pastor, Ministerial Staff Leaders, Visionary Leader and the Clergy Staff.

The Trustee Board, Finance Committee, and administrative office have been restructured to serve more effectively.

A Senior Citizen Christmas Dinner, Youth Christmas Breakfast, and School Closing Award Banquet were organized to promote fellowship. An affiliation with the Community Ministry of North Augusta (C.M.O.N.A.), a benevolent ministry, was established to minister to the physical/financial needs of individuals within the church community.

Renovation and purchases include refurbishing the pastor and secretary’s office including the vestibule, and remodeling of the balcony area to establish a dining area. Handicap ramp and front porch awing were installed, Sanctuary lights installed, and a storage building added. The church has been connected to city water and sewage systems; a second van was purchased and paid for in one year. A computer, copy machine, a new fax machine, a word processor, a riding lawnmower, security bars microwave oven, VCR and monitor, a refrigerator, camcorder, drum set, synthesizer and a new Hammond Organ were purchased and paid off in October 1996. The church mortgage has been paid in full. A second computer and a third van was purchased in 1999. A new state-of-the-art sound system was purchased and installed in August 2006 costing over $11,000.00.

June 21, 1996, the church purchased 22.6 acres of land for a new vision of Hammond Grove Baptist Church.

March 8th and 9th 1995, Hammond Grove was vandalized. Racial slurs were written on walls, pictures (of former pastors and Reverend Hankerson) were defaced with Ku Klux Klan symbols. Items were destroyed and left in disarray in the Sanctuary, foyer, and balconies. Damage exceeded $20,000. The church family and well wishes entered into prayer and God’s awesome power revealed the perpetrator one week later – two (2) white teenagers, ages 14 and 15. After listening to a powerful sermon by our pastor the teens came before the church with their fathers apologizing and asking forgiveness. The church congregation expressed their acceptance and forgiveness by standing. The healing process began with encouragement through God’s word from our pastor.

With the assistance of the local community, churches of all denomination and color, Christian friends, Jewish communities, both locally and abroad, Hammond Grove has refurbished the sanctuary. The sanctuary has been re-painted, new carpet installed, floors refinished and new flooring installed, a new stove and cabinets have been added upstairs, lighting added, and a security system was installed.

Hammond Grove Baptist Church is now a full-time church with office hours between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. daily.

The following were licensed to the ministry: Fred Morton (1998), Echols L. Miller (October 17, 1999), Evangelist Delores B. Hankerson (December 11, 1999), Evangelist Etta Eubanks (January 9, 2000), Minister Sheldon Cooper (September 29, 2002), Evangelist Ruby Simmons (September 29, 2002), Evangelist Aderina Lee (January 22, 2006) and Minister Charles Jackson (August 19, 2007).

Pastor Hankerson ordained the following ministers: Reverend Robert Pattern (May 31, 1998), Reverend Echols Miller (January 30, 2000), and Evangelist Delores Hankerson (January 20, 2002).

Under Pastor Hankerson’s administration, two (2) appointed to the Trustee Ministry - Sheldon Cooper and William H. Abraham; January 29, 1995, Ricky Adams and Joseph Cook were ordained to the office of deacon. Lamar Williams was appointed Chairman of the Finance Committee. Rosa Thomas (first female Trustee) and Charles Jackson, Sr. appointed to the Trustee Ministry in 1996. Two Deacons were ordained on September 12, 1999: Deacon Roman Bing and Deacon Charles Jackson, Sr. Three additional Trustees were appointed: Trustee Mildred Bussey, Trustee Lenor Dorsey and Trustee Rosa English (appointed October 2001).

Pastor Hankerson initiated a Prison Ministry at Augusta State Medical Prison in 1999. The Lord is richly blessing this ministry by bring many souls into his kingdom.

In May of 2000, Hammond Grove Baptist Church entered an agreement with Walton Rehabilitation Hospital giving and granting then the exclusive and irrevocable right, privilege and option to purchase 9.67 acres of land on Five Notch Road under the conditions to obtain a capital advance from the United State Department of Housing and Urban Development to develop an approximately 40-unit housing complex. On June 8, 2006, the Hammond Grove Church Family celebrated a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the opening of Vincent Village located at 224 West Five Notch Road at 11:30 AM. Vincent Village is a new senior citizen housing complex named in honor of the late Reverend A.W. Vincent. Reverend Vincent pastored Hammond Grove for 47 years, 1912-1956. In June of 2007 an additional 12 handicapped units, Walton Crossing, were added.

The Hammond Grove Baptist Church is beginning a ministry in Augusta, Georgia from the receipt of property donated by Mrs. Alma Abraham-Thomas. The house was dedicated on February 13, 2005 and named “The House of Abraham”. Renovations have been done costing over $12,000. Church ministries and individuals donated appliances. In March of 2005, a mini-bus was purchased to provide transportation for the church. In 2005, we paid off the loan for the 21.6 acres of land.

The church has been served by the following secretaries: Benjamin Bohler, J. L. Blanton, C. W. Simpkins, R. W. Greenwood, C. L. Nickerson, Jr., M. L. Spann, S. H. Bohler, M. E. Reese, J. A. Nickerson, Jr., George W. Turner, Barbara A. Allen, Patsy A. Jones. Walter Bullock, Financial Clerk, Marilyn C. Abraham, Administrative Secretary and Wanda White, Secretary, Belinda G. Rouse, Interim Clerk, Paula Holloway as Financial Secretary and Cynthia Abraham, Administrative Secretary. Presently serving is Paula Holloway (Financial Secretary) and Cynthia Abraham, Administrative Secretary.

Evangelist Delores Hankerson was appointed Assistant-to-Pastor on November 15, 2003.
On May 24, 2007, the Usher Ministry and Greeters Ministry merged to form one ministry, the Greeters Ministry.

Our present officers are: Reverend Bobby G. Hankerson (Pastor), Evangelist Delores Hankerson (Assistant-to-Pastor) Deacons Dock Abraham (Chairman), Deacon Roman A. Bing (1st Vice-Chairman, appointed November 19, 2005), Minister Charles Jackson Sr. (2nd Vice-Chairman, appointed November 19, 2005), Willie Abraham, and Samuel Cook.

The present Trustees are: Rosa Thomas (Chairman), Lawrence Wigfall, Mildred Bussey, Lenor Dorsey, and Rosa English and. Belinda Rouse (appointed December 2007)

2007 - 2008 “First Stage of the Vision”
After much prayer and seeking the direction of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the Hammond Grove Church Family began their quest to fulfill the first stage of the “Seven Point Vision”…Build a church on Five Notch Road. Members for the building committee, known as the Building Vision Team, were established. Members were: Pastor Bobby G. Hankerson (Chairperson), Evangelist Delores Hankerson, Minister Sheldon Cooper, Minister Charles Jackson, Deacon Dock Abraham, Deacon Roman Bing, Trustee Rosa Thomas, Trustee Mildred Bussey, Trustee Lawrence Wigfall, Trustee Rosa English, Trustee Belinda Rouse, Cynthia Abraham and Tonya Hankerson.

The Building Vision Team worked diligently to select a team of contractors to bring the vision to fruition. The following contractors were selected to made the vision of a building on Five Notch Road a reality: General Contractor, James Trowell (J. E. Trowell Builder); Site Work, Willie Wooten (Georgia –Carolina Paving Company); Engineering, Birkie Ayer, P.E. (Ayercorp). In addition to contractors, a support team was also selected to direct and finance the endeavor. The team consisted of: Lending Agency, Todd Stanford (Security Federal Bank); Legal Counsel, James M. Holly (Hull, Towill, Norman, Barrett & Salley); Project Overseer, Deacon Henry Brooks.

On July 30, 2007, the church celebrated their Ground Breaking on Five Notch Road. The Building Vision Team along with the contractors continued their work to complete the project.

2008 - “Present”
On June 7, 2008, the Hammond Grove Family had a Consecration/Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, invitations were extended to the public, various churches, local dignitaries, clergy and friends were invited. North Augusta Mayor The honorable Lark Jones presented a proclamation to Pastor Hankerson declaring June 7, 2008 as Hammond Grove Day Baptist Church Day. Our first day of worship at the new location was June 8, 2008. Pre-dedication services were planned which included two nights of worship service and a special musical service. Dr.Alex Pope was the first guest minister to preach in the new pulpit on Tuesday Night, Reverend Elliott R. Bing on Wednesday night. The month of June concluded with the official Dedication Service on June 29, 2008.

Reverend Sheldon Cooper was ordained on December 23, 2007; on November 29, 2009, Reverend Charles Jackson Sr. was ordained. Tony Bradburn and Calvin Norris were appointed to the Deacon Ministry on October 25, 2009.

Our current officers are: Reverend Bobby G. Hankerson BA, TH.B, MPC (Pastor), Evangelist Delores Hankerson (Assistant-to-Pastor), Deacon Dock Abraham (Chairman Of Deacons), Deacon Roman A. Bing (1st Vice-Chairman), Minister Charles Jackson Sr. (2nd Vice-Chairman), Deacon Willie Abraham, Deacon Samuel Cook (Treasurer)., Deacon Tony Bradburn and Deacon Calvin Norris.

The present Trustees are: Rosa Thomas (Chairwoman), Lawrence Wigfall, Mildred Bussey, Lenor Dorsey, Rosa English, and Eddie Guyton; Junior Trustees – Christian Abraham, Justin Abraham, Joshua Bing, Arthur Chapman, Raphael Norman, Calvin Norris, and Travis Pickens.

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